Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re still unsure what to get the best lady in your life for Mother’s Day, you’re in luck as our team has curated the perfect gift guide for you. As much as they may treasure a written card, we believe all our mums deserve an extra treat this Sunday.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ethical beauty, skincare and sustainable designers for you to choose from:


Conscious clothing:

Founded with the principle ‘one humanity, one planet’, we are dedicated to creating long-lasting, sustainable clothes for strong women.

Inspired by our sacred Mother Earth, we would be honoured to be the gift of choice for your mothers or the mother figure in your life.

Let’s start with our collection of amazing ethical, luxury leisurewear. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite looks perfect for your beloved to wear, whether she’s running errands or enjoying a well-earned brunch.

Our debut three-tier collection is made up of Maemo Essentials, Maemo Core and Maemo Luxe. Taking inspiration from the natural world, our team crafts pieces that can be dressed up or down and are perfect for mums on the go.


Vegan beauty:

Natural nails

Ethical beauty products have come a long way in the last few years. As more of us become conscious of the products we purchase and try to avoid using avoid harsh, toxic chemicals on our bodies, L’atelier Green Paris has crafted vegan nail polish for sensitive skin. Not only are their polishes environmentally friendly, but they also contain nourishing avocado and are ideal for loving mothers’ delicate hands.



Clean & kind makeup

The start of Spring equinox finally brought some rays of sunshine to the UK, and we can’t wait to embrace the spring colour palettes and romantic, softer shades of makeup. Another ideal gift for your mum is to give her some new cruelty-free make-up. One of our favourite brands, Bite Beauty, has a new range of vivid vegan lipsticks that are perfect for adding a punch of pink, splash of rouge or subtle shade of pastel to your SS22 look. 



Sustainable skincare

When in doubt, always go for skincare! There isn’t always enough we can say to thank our mothers for their unconditional love, lessons and support that helped shape us into the people we are today. But we think a pretty good way to try is by giving them some of their favourite lotions and potions, which allow them to rejuvenate their skin or unwind in a long, luscious bath.

Choosing the perfect face cream is a job in itself – however, our fail-safe option is Charlotte Tilbury’s magnificent Magic Cream


If your mum loves a relaxing bath, we recommend our long time go-to Mother’s Oil by Neals’ Yard.


Ethical accessories

If your mum is always on the hunt for a wallet or handbag, why not surprise her with a new piece from an ethical, independent designer? Lone Design Club has an array of stunning new sustainable pieces.

We particular love Bottletop. Founded on three main principles; People, product and planet. With these key elements at the core of what they do, they are innovating and striving to make a better future. From the plastic free and carbon neutral manufacturing and supply chain, ethical and transparent working conditions to their sustainable and fashion forward end product, every element is carefully thought out without compromise.

Bottletop’s Sara waistbag, would be the perfect accessory to take your Maemo outfit into the evening.


Heavenly hair

As we welcome the change of seasons and try to forget about the cold winter air for another year, our hair takes a little longer to shake off the memory. And most of our tresses are in dire need of some high-quality hydration - we look to the Authentic Beauty Concept, which has a variety of sustainable hair products to save the day.