What’s My Impact?

What’s My Impact?

With the launch of our What’s My Impact Campaign we are showcasing the positive steps we are taking here at Maemo to keep a balance between producing beautiful, sustainable fashion whilst also protecting the earth around us.  

Our campaign showcases the work that we are doing through our production to ensure that we are supporting and protecting Mother Earth. This is reflected in a series of powerful images with a hope to empower and inspire our community to change the industry via their purchasing decisions. 

The ‘What’s My Impact’ campaign focuses on four areas; biomass fuels, recycled polyester, water saving and soil health. 

Biomass Fuels

The world’s Co2 emissions are one of the biggest causes of deforestation. Our rainforests, bursting with wildlife and beauty, are one of the wonders of the world that are most at threat.

Biomass fuels are the latest innovation leading the way to a greener future, that is why our products are dyed using our innovative green dyeing units, powered by biomass (*corn-rice husk) fuels to reduce our CO2 emissions. 

So you may be thinking how does it work? Biomass fuels are a low carbon fuel due to the fact that the crops breathe carbon dioxide (which is extracted from the atmosphere) and stores it in its tissue. Yes, when biomass is burned, it emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, when it regrows, it absorbs exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis, and this cycle is carbon neutral. 


Recycled Polyester

Our gorgeous and precious oceans are at threat with over 25 million tons of plastic landing in them each year. It is estimated that every square mile of our ocean currently contains over 45,000 individual pieces of plastic. Scientists predict that by 2050 there will be 937 million tons of plastic in the sea, which will be more plastic than fish.

Here at Maemo we want to make sure that we are playing our part in whichever way we can by ensuring that our production line is as sustainable as possible. Using recycled polyester repurposes an average of 7 500ml plastic bottles per product.


Water Saving

Unfortunately, we all know that fashion production creates a lot of product and water waste. An Ellen MacArthur study revealed that over $500 billion in value is lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and a lack of recycling. Furthermore, a McKinsey study in 2020 revealed that washing, solvents, and dyes used in manufacturing are responsible for one-fifth of industrial water pollution.

Our UN-Dyed collection focuses on our primary goal of water saving; saving up to 50% of water. 

Even our usual dyeing processes save up to an average of 30% of water compared to standard production. With successful ETP systems, we can reinstate 30% of wastewater so that it is repurposed again during the production of our organic clothing. 

Our production team are in direct contact with the best natural, chemical-free dye companies, to ensure that we are always choosing the most harm-free, high-quality dyes. Many of the environmentally friendly and natural dyes we use are extracted from herbs, fruits, and vegetables and even waste extracts from natural products.


Soil Health

In addition to our dedication to working to find ways to reduce water waste, our team is also passionate about fighting to aid the world’s soil. The soil crisis is an underreported topic; our planet is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of soil deterioration.

Our team have ensured that there are zero harmful chemicals polluting Mother Earth and we are proud to have the OEKO-TEX. This certification standard includes third-party certifications to ensure that the chemicals we use are non-toxic and free from harm to our people and the environment. 

Here at Maemo we consider how to be as sustainable as possible from source to when our customers receive the final product. This also includes making our factories as efficient as possible using solar panels and continually finding ways to use renewable energy for power on our journey towards ethical fashion.

Our aim is that our “What’s My Impact” campaign inspires our customers to feel empowered to join us in taking small steps toward keeping our precious Mother Earth safe and well. 

These small actions add up and create a ripple effect that can help empower others to see the customer is king and our spending power packs a big punch when it comes to creating lasting change.

Maemo is a work in sustainable progress. As with most sustainability striving fashion brands, we will be continuously seeking the newest innovation in materials and the best end of life solutions for our products. We’re not fully there yet, but we’re working on it”

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