Together, we can work as one and change the way our clothes are made. When it comes to innovation, we’re just as committed to ensuring all of our production methods are certified and back up our pledge to leave Mother Earth unharmed. 

How does our production work?

When we make these changes together, it creates a knock-on effect, and we can see positivity radiate at a faster pace. This starts with production for us, as our factories have a Green Clothing Sustainability Pledge, which aligns with our mission to keep all of us in harmony with nature. From sourcing responsibly to reducing our carbon footprint, alongside supporting labour rights and taking care of our communities – collectively we’re playing a large part in protecting our people and Mother Earth. 

Even the factories we operate out of work to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system. These include ways to save energy, reduce carbon dioxide, improve indoor environmental quality and water efficiency. Our love for Mother Earth also transcends into the way we create healthier spaces with cleaner air, access to daylight and environments free from harmful chemicals. 

Check out our latest 'What's My Impact' campaign which explores the work that we are doing behind the scenes to ensure that we are supporting and protecting Mother Earth.

Is our packaging sustainable?

We put our love and care of the planet into every aspect of our packaging. Right from our hand tags that are made out of FSC recycled paper to the main label which is made up of 100% cotton yarn. The stickers we use are also made-up of a recycled material printed with non-hazardous chemicals.

As we launch our brand, we will be rolling out different affirmations supporting these goals and showcasing how we’ve developed a better future.