Our UN-Dyed Collection features some of the most sustainable garments.

We created this eco-friendly range using 50% less water typically needed for production and dyeing of similar garments. We are donating 5% of the sales from the collection to our water charity partner Just A Drop.

How have we created the most sustainable garments?

With our wider goal of preserving Mother Earth and all of her scarce resources, our Un-Dyed Collection keeps cotton in its most natural state and reduces the use of chemicals. It decreases the amount of water needed during the production process to 40 litres which is a 50% saving compared to the production of any other similar garment. 

This equals almost 15 days of drinking water for an adult woman; 40 days for a medium sized (up to 20kg) dog. That’s also about 40 days worth of watering a tomato plant in fairly sunny weather. 

While aligning with our UN Sustainable Development Goal to reduce water waste, we are vowing to create a wider positive impact.

How does our normal dyeing process work?

We know there are huge consequences to our precious planet when colouring our garments. A typical dyeing process uses around 80 litres of water to dye one kilogram of fabrics. Freshwater is required throughout this grueling 9-10 stages process – creating a major impact on the local community along with the wider planet. 

As a brand our first challenge was to reduce the amount of water wasted when dyeing our garments. With our ETP plant we process 35% of the dyed and drained water and make it clean, so that it can be used to irrigate the land around us – growing luscious plants in our fruitful ecosystem.